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200 Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training - Norway Power Yoga


Ready to feel good? Ready to have less stress? Ready to build a strong body? Together we will go on a journey into the world of yoga and learn more about this ancient practice that is quickly gaining popularity here in Norway. 

Let's tell you a little bit about the program:

Teacher Training will knock you out of your comfort zone, again and again. That we promise. BUT you will walk out stronger, more confident, healthier and ready to share the joy! 

The only requirement is that you Commit 8 weekends over the course of three months to see what yoga is all about and how we can use yoga to create lives of abundance. 

-you will learn to teach yoga to others
-you will learn about yoga history
-you will learn about anatomy
-you will learn about philosophy
-you will do yoga blindfolded
-you will learn about sequencing
-you will learn about the business of yoga
-you will get stronger physically and mentally
-you will find a deep respect and admiration for YOUR body

-you will be pushed to the edge of your comfort zone, and then it's up to you - will you take one more step? Are you ready? Yes, you are!